Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving post - an Australian feast

I am in Wisconsin for my first ever American Thanksgiving.

But a little homesick - so I want to show you how we feast in Australia.

Kitchen Cabinet is a television show in Australia where Annabel Crabb cooks and eats a meal with various politicians to see how they tick.

This is my all-time favourite episode - where Annabel dresses as the African Queen and visits Senator Nigel Scullion in the Northern Territory and "pesters" wildlife.

Remember as you watch this that Nigel Scullion is from the conservative side of Australian politics.

It is a dreamtime feast.

And it proves Australia really is different. Can you imagine an American conservative politician nonchalantly explaining how he and a young woman both wearing underwear happened to wind up chained to a lamp post in St Petersburg?

Or a British politician poaching rabbits from the grounds of Parliament House so he can go home and roast them?



Unknown said...

Greetings from a long-time reader in Chicago--and happy turkey day!

dearieme said...

Lidl, the German chain, are selling reindeer meat in Britain. Apparently their leaflet says it tastes much like antelope.

Anonymous said...

Thanks indeed.

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