Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nouvelle Vague live in Cologne

Very sick in bed, so looking for (very light) YouTube entertainment to see me through the fever...

The cover of Blondie's Rapture is worth the price of admission. It starts at 7 minutes 11 seconds.


Anonymous said...

This is a funny YouTube, light entertainment.

Also, watching soccer and PBS's Frontline are my favorites while sick.

I guess this is what happens when you consume seven shakes a day.

Anonymous said...

Also, this one is amusing. For the record, I don't condone a couple of the comments.

Otto ikn said...


Can't help but notice this is your second session of fever-type illess this year. Perhaps your body needs extra doses of high value vitamins and minerals, if so the people at HLF offer an excellent product range. They're not just for the overweight, you know.

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

It's not lack of nutrition from F1 shakes, it's the opposite. John got sick trying to consume or serve seven shakes per day for 90 days per Christine Richard's thesis.

Her research makes no sense and is so disconnected from basic math it's galling.

Wilfried said...

John, is it coincidence that you are here in Germany and immediately a Chinese company listed on the German stock exchange (Ultrasonic)implodes?

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Something interesting for you during your convalescence...
In my rough estimation TFS Limited (ASX TFC) seems to be selling investments in their sandal wood plantations to investors with put options attached which imply a very handsome return for the investors (at the expense of shareholders). Why is this interesting? Because the trees take 15 years to grow, the put options are for exercisable in 2 and 5 years, and TFC's aggressive SGARA has already prompted the resignation of one auditor. It works for TFS as they will recognize a profit if the options are exercised but is a pretty nasty deal for shareholders I suspect. (I have no financial interest in TFC)

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