Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend edition: Mark Seymour and Eddie Vedder

A classic of Australian rock played at the Garden. Wish I was there...

 And some more Mark Seymour:



moskjeff said...

eddie vedder is a modern day bruce springsteen in the states,except most people don't realize it actually- fans know jeremy, daughter, wishlist,etc., but to me the beauty of pearl jam is in songs like sometimes, light years, present tense, and in my tree which have deep meaning and intent. so when eddie takes a song and adopts it, it must have made mark seymour's day for sure because its obvious it touched him in a special way. what a better way to spend a few minutes instead of trying to time when the fed's next bubble will burst. cheers mate

Steve said...

Sounds like there may have been a few visits to Selina's at the coogee bay John?

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